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You are not the one talking alone here.I guess everyone has continued on his or her journey to the brighter future.CAL has officially ended once the results were released and the term CAL becomes "computer-aided learning "for me,not Cambridge A level anymore.Anyways,it is good to know what is 0901PM9 doing.Do leave a note if anyone of you ever come to this blog.Let's start with you,GW.How are you?Still in the relatioonship?

haha J.Hui please dont QC me.

A nEw BeGiNnINg!

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Everytime we click a link to this blog... We'll see our CHEMISTRY TRIAL results... =.=||| Time to change... and to keep in touch!!!

I wonder the new PM9 class.... is it gonna as cool as our batch?
Definitely NO! Vo_OV
I'd say cuz nothing can and will replace each and everyone of us.
This is what makes PM9 of 2009 special. V^^

I hope everyone won't think this blog is dead and don't bother to check it out... or else i'll be talking to myself here... x.x*

Let's keep the fire alive guys!


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Asian Susan Boyle

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Meet Joe Black

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It's been a really boring holiday.Apart from just studying all the way till our A2, I believe that we, A-level students deserve some time for a lil entertainment.All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy rite?Thus, wollah!! Recently I took some time to watch this movie titled "Meet Joe Black" in which in my very own opinion, is a splendid movie and worth your time in every particular manner.The storyline revolves around a tycoon who is about leave for the after life,a dying man in a nutshell, but given a second chance to live for a little longer by the devil himself.In exchange, this particular rich ass guy has to be a tour guide for the devil in this mortal life.As expected, a good movie is never good without a twist, thus as one might actually guess, or not, the devil fell for the tycoon's daughter and the rest is for you to unravel yourself.=) Excellent storyline indeed and with Bradd Pitt as the lord of Hell and the ever magnifique Anthony Hopkins as the ailing millionaire, one can expect a movie filled with solid acting skills.As the saying goes, a mind cramped with biology,economics,mathematics,chemistry and physics is the devil's workshop.So watch this movie book-goers!=)

Wondering why am I writing this crap here? Cuz I'm just sick of pure mathematics.=)

Good Luck !!

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Hihi PM9 !!

Good luck and all the best for your trials !! ;D :D

Take care and see you soon !

Your beloved PM9-er,

Have a chill pill

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Laugh your exam stress away.